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Data Recovery

Failures happen, data can become corrupt, drives can become unreadable and this can happen for many reasons. The most common reason for data loss is hardware failure, this can be due to the age of the equipment, a fault in the system or even a loss of power.

There are of course many other things that can result in the loss of data including: the accidental deletion of files, viruses, malware, partition errors, formatted hard drives or system crashes which result in the dreaded blue screen. 

Once this happens your options are limited, you can write off the data if it is old or no longer required, you can spend time trying to reconstruct the data or if it is important you can see if it can be recovered using one of our data recovery options.

What you shouldn’t do is tamper with the drive, the least amount of damage the better chances we have of recovering your files, we hear horror stories of hard drives being hit while they spin up, put in freezers and powered up ice cold or being opened and spun up to see if the heads are engaging. These techniques will only cause further damage to the drive and lessen our chances of recovering your data.

Once we have your storage device we will check to see what is causing the problem, sometimes it can be something as simple as a corrupt boot sector. If it turns out to be a hardware failure we can analyse the drive to identify what has failed, it might be something electronic like a blown fuse or it could be an internal failure like a head crash. For USB Sticks, SD/Memory cards and SSD drives we carry out the same test procedures and if necessary can carry out a NAND read to attempt a recovery.

We can work with most storage devices including: Hard Drives, SATA, IDE, SSD, Flash Media, Micro SD Cards, SAS, RAID and NAS Drives. The good news is that in most cases the data can be recovered in house and we have successfully recovered data from many failed hard drives, formatted memory cards and faulty USB sticks.

If the drive has suffered too much physical damage for us to repair and recover from in house, we can send it to one of our associates for a more specialised laboratory recovery.

Deleted Data, Accidental Erasure, Formatted Hard Drive, Partition Error, Hard Drive Failure, System Crash or the Dreaded Blue Screen, don’t despair as all is not always lost, our skilled engineers will run a full analysis of your system and can often recover the data without you having to take out a 2nd mortgage. We have successfully carried out work on many storage devices including: Hard Drives, SATA, IDE, SSD, Flash Media, Micro SD Cards, SAS, RAID and NAS Drives. As well as Data Recovery Services we can also carry out Forensic Analysis and Clinical Data Destruction to Ministry Standards.