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Here we have some handy keyboard shortcuts that we often use to help speed up our daily tasks, these are handy to know especially when your mouse decides to stop working

Ctrl + TOpens a new tab (you can also use the middle mouse button)
Alt + f4Closes the window
Ctrl + DBookmark – Adds website to your favourites
Ctrl + FOpens a Search box to find a word on a page
Ctrl + HOpens your browsers “History”
Ctrl + A Selects All
Ctrl + CCopies file or text
Ctrl + XCuts the highlighted text
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Y Redo
Ctrl + VPastes the cut or copied text
Ctrl + BChanges highlighted text to Bold or normal
Ctrl + IChanges highlighted text to Italics or normal
Alt + f4Closes the file or folder
Tech Shortcuts  
Ctrl + Alt +DelOpens the Task Manager
Win + ROpens the “Run” Command Line
Win + IOpens Settings